1. To whom Fritech is addressed?

FriTechnology offers services and products both to Travel professionals (travel agencies, tour operators, travel consultants, consolidators, etc.) and to Companies. In the first case, we propose an online booking system that allows operators to work wherever they are, even outside the physical constraints of the office (link to the Fri Travel Fast page).

To companies, we offer a smart and intuitive platform for the management of business trips (link to the FriTravel Solution page) that can be combined with the management of expense reports and replacement storage of receipts, thanks to FVER, a system approved by ANORC (link to FVER page). All this can be modulated to obtain an end-to-end solution that covers the entire travel management process: from the insertion of the mission through the approval cycle, up to the issuance of the travel document and reporting, up to the replacement storage of receipts and expense reports. A process constantly monitored and controlled.

2. What does distinguish you from other similar instruments on the market?

Fri Technology uses the most modern technologies to guarantee a product with high performance and quality standards: user-friendly graphics, multilingual software and webapp available for all devices. Services are available 24/7.

3. In addition to technology, will I have the chance to talk to real people?

Of course, all our systems are supported by the assistance of Travel professionals: Frigerio Viaggi provides all the know-how gained in over 40 years of activity in the world of tourism, organized distribution and corporate travel services.

4. If as a company we need offline Business Travel services, are there alternatives to your technological tools?

Yes, Frigerio Viaggi is able to respond both to the needs of large companies (Corporate Travel) and to the needs of small-medium enterprises for the provision of all services related to business tourism and mobility.  (link at  http://www.corporate.frigerioviaggi.com/servizi/corporate-travel.html

5. What are the rates for the services offered by Fri Technology?

For more information on costs and features of the services, contact us…

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