Innovation for Corporate Travel

An end-to-end solution that covers the entire travel management process: from the insertion of the mission through the approval cycle, to the issuance of the travel document and the reporting, to conclude with the replacement storage of receipts and expense reports.

A process constantly monitored and controlled

Insertion of the transfer

Destination, Dates

Type of service


Authorization process

Travel authorization request in accordance with the travel policy.


Booking travel request

Payment for related services

Ticket Issuing

Ticketing or Delivery vouchers

Compilation and sending of expense report

Automatic acquisition of pre-paid expenses by agency and credit card.

Insertion of expenses paid in cash and receipts.

Control and approval

Automatic control of company policies with warning (user and approver side).

Comparison between estimate and final balance.


Automatic sending of expense reports to accounting.


Replacement storage of expense reports

On-demand storage service for the replacement of expense reports and proof of expenditure.


FriTravel Solution guarantees the best performance

Highest levels of security

A supervised process

Interaction between forms

For better management of expenditure

Online booking

Offline management under development

First authorization level

For the planning of the trip

Tailoring implementation

Integration with the customer’s ecosystem

Statistics and reports

By system and on request

Automatic capture

Of the travel agency’s prepaid expenses

Accounting report

Accounting integration

Expense report

Service of readability and adequacy of receipts, replacement storage

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