When traveling becomes science.

The art of traveling turns into science when it has to design trips that have as a unit of measurement the value of the time of people / staff working on it.

An integrated IT and digital ecosystem allowing a tailor-made implementation with the customer’s system, that is provided through the adoption of  a service in S.a.a.S. mode (Software as a Service)

Authorization to THE travel, from the quotation  to the confirmation of the trip and the  sending of travelling documents, accounting reports, statistics, pursuit of the Travel policy and substituting storage of expense reports (unique and non-unique receipts) of the traveling staff.


A single integrated DASHBOARD to access all the main information

User friendly graphics

For simple and intuitive navigation


Available in 14 different languages.


Usable from all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile)

fri travel app


Latest Featured Searches, Price Update

Automatic capture

Centralized credit card charges


In App for offline mode


A simple, fast and reliable technology that concretely supports the creation of a valuable circuit, allowing everyone to achieve their goals, that are always supported by a human expert and professional consulting.

fri travel fast

Online booking system to work wherever you are!

corporate travel

Smart and intuitive platform for the management of business trips.

Note spese

Expense reports and substitutive storage of supporting documents, approved by ANORC.

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